Can I see the information that Dropcontact has replaced or added?

When Dropcontact is integrated into your CRM, it takes care of cleaning up 🧽 and enriching all your data, you don't have to do anything else!

How to see what has been enriched?

🔔 For each enrichment Dropcontact triggers a notification in your CRM :

  • Pipedrive: a yellow "Note" is created
  • SalesForce: a line is added in the "Activity" section
  • Hubspot: a line is added in the "Activity" section

Example of data enriched by Dropcontact :

👉 The email address

👉 Mobile phone or direct line number

👉 Civility

👉 The LinkedIn profile

👉 The job title 

👉 For French companies: SIREN and VAT number, NAF code, address of the company's headquarters, sector of activity, website, workforce, etc.

Which data are corrected?

Dropcontact automatically corrects the following information:

👉 Typos in the first names listed

👉 First name / last name inversions

👉 First name typos in email addresses

👉 Existing and incorrect email addresses entered

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