Why is Dropcontact the only solution that complies with the GDPR ?

Dropcontact is the only solution for enriching contact files and sourcing email addresses that is 100GDPR% :

  • We don't sell leads. We enrich the files of prospects that you already have (and for which you are the guarantor of compliance GDPR). 
  • Unlike most solutions on the market, we do not use a database (neither purchased nor built up from our customers). We have developed our own algorithms for searching and verifying business email addresses. This allows us to be in full compliance with the GDPR. And systematically up to date in the information we deliver 😉.
  • For ethical reasons, independence and performance, Dropcontact does not exploit or resell any data.  

- Ethics: your contact files are strictly confidential. You wouldn't give them to your competitors? Well, neither would we. 

- Independence: our solution is the result of the continuous work of a team of developers, not a fragile house of cards with uncontrollable data.

- Performance: contact files have an obsolescence rate of about 30% each year. Offering you emails verified on the basis of an algorithm rather than a database allows us to always be up to date in the information we send you. And relevant to all geographical areas.

So here it is, sorry, we are passionate about your contact information, but we are not interested in 😇.

For more information, you can consult our Data Processing Agreement.

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