How does the subscription work?

Dropcontact works on a completely flexible and without commitment subscription basis.

There are two types of subscriptions:

👉 File and API subscription

👉 CRM subscription

1. How does the File and API subscription works

For file subscriptions, there is the annual plan, with which you have a direct credit quota for 12 months. And the monthly plan, with which you have a monthly credit quota that can be adjusted according to your needs.

→ 1 credit = 1 request to our algorithm / 1 contact line processed.

Find your credit balance, current plan, and renewal date on the left side of your dashboard:

It is possible to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription according to your needs.

💡An upgrade is effective immediately as you can have your credits. A downgrade is effective at your next renewal date.

2. How the CRM subscription works

With this subscription, Dropcontact is directly integrated into your CRM (available on Pipedrive, Salesforce, and soon Hubspot).

You have a monthly subscription fee, calculated according to the number of contacts in your CRM. Dropcontact cleans corrects and enriches the data of your contacts and organizations in your CRM.

💡It is not necessary to subscribe to the file subscription to use Dropcontact in your CRM, they are two very distinct subscriptions 😉

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