How to find emails with Dropcontact and Phantombuster?

Dropcontact is integrated into Phantombuster, it allows you to enrich directly your leads in Phantombuster without exporting your file and dropping it on Dropcontact's application. 

Use the phantom "Sales Navigator Profile Scraper" 

It is the phantom that will allow you to get the best enrichment rate in email addresses because the domain name of the website helps Dropcontact algorithms to identify the right company (and therefore the right email). 👉 Click here to see this phantom.

Setup the phantom

Dropcontact is directly integrated into the phantom so that the file obtained from Phantombuster is already enriched with information. In the section "Behavior" just choose Dropcontact as "Email Discovery Service" and add your Dropcontact API key available here.

💡 This phantom needs the LinkedIn URLs of your profiles as input data. You may need to do your LinkedIn search on your target companies/functions beforehand, and use the Search Export phantom to extract the LinkedIn URLs from your search.

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